Letters to the Editor

'Arrested for neglect'

In regard to the 6-year-old boy in Georgia who was murdered by the predator on parole who lived across the street [story March 16]: It is appalling to me that his mother or whoever was supposed to be taking care of him allowed him to be alone for even two minutes with a known molester living only 600 feet from his home.

They let this little boy wander around by himself and walk alone at night knowing full well that this creep and his even creepier family were right across the street. His grandmother told the media that she told him to "Stay away from that bad man because he will hurt you."

This little boy should never have had to make a decision to "stay away from a bad man" because he should have never been left alone in the first place. The caretaker or guardians of that child should be arrested for neglect.

Bonnie Heintz