Letters to the Editor

'Makes us look stupid'

It was refreshing to see the article and pictures March 18 about supporters of this great country and what it stands for. They are "great Americans" and I congratulate them for their dedication, loyalty and willingness to stand up for what they believe.

I am also part of the generation who can remember when everyone felt this way. It made our country great and strong and helped us accomplish amazing things.

It is embarrassing to see the professional protesters and radical groups that do nothing but bash our government and our country. We must really look like fools and idiots in the eyes of foreigners.

It is also unfortunate that the media, both written and visual, give so much coverage to these radical groups. If they were ignored, we would have fewer of these demonstrations.

Unfortunately, the dissension in our Congress does not help. In fact, it probably does more hurt to our country and makes us look stupid. I am sure this fuels our enemies to fight harder, knowing that we can't get our act together.

We need more "Fred Machados," and perhaps we should all paint American flags on our garage doors.

Jim Andreotti