Letters to the Editor

'Receptive to peace'

On behalf of the "money-changers," by whom I assume David L. Drown (letter March 23) means my fellow Jews, I take issue with three of his assertions.

The citizens of Israel are indigenous to the Middle East. Many of the early Zionists were from Eastern Europe but, thanks to the expulsion of all Jews from Muslim countries in the 1940s, by the early '50s, most Israelis traced their immediate roots to the surrounding countries.

President Bush's invasion of Iraq, whatever its motivations may have been, was not done to benefit Israel. Israel got nothing but hundreds of Iraqi Scud missiles on Tel Aviv from the elder President Bush's adventure there.

Israel has always been receptive to peace proposals, even when clearly suicidal. From the UN partition plan of 1947, to Oslo in the '90s, to Ehud Barak's attempt in 2000 to give Arafat the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, Israel has always tried to live at peace with her neighbors. Thanks to global support for Palestinian intransigence, she has never had a partner.

Lise Rosenthal