Letters to the Editor

'A very bad thing'

How odd that David L. Drown [letter March 23] thinks the war in Iraq grinds on because it somehow serves the interests of the Israeli people. In fact, just before the American declaration of war in 2003 -- and while almost 60% of Americans supported Bush's idiotic warmongering -- the Israelis were far more rational and dubious: More than 20% thought the U.S. should refrain completely from attacking Iraq, and another 23.4% were in favor of an attack only if all inspection and mediation efforts failed -- which of course never happened. Only 45% supported the idea of a war.

Today, Israelis overwhelmingly recognize that America's destabilization of Iraq has created a vacuum which Iran is anxious to fill -- a very, very bad thing for Israel and its people. American Jews are also firmly opposed to this war -- upward of 70% of us -- though we are also firmly supportive of Israel's right to exist.

Patience Milrod