Letters to the Editor

Textbook prices will soon drive kids from college

If this country wants to continue being a well-educated place, the government and universities need to scale back the cost of college textbooks. They are overpriced and put a financial strain on students and parents who pay for them. They cost more than one class unit.

It seems pointless to buy textbooks for classes that may require more than one book when you only use one and never take the others out of the packaging. This semester alone, the cost of my textbooks was well over $1,000 for seven books, three of which were used and two that I have never opened.

To make matters worse, when you go to return these books, you do not even get half the money back. Sometimes they will not even take the book back because they are getting newer versions.

These textbook prices need to drop so students can afford to go to college, whether they pay for it or their parents do. We are the future of the United States. If we cannot afford to go to college, then our future and the future of our country is not going to be as great as we think it will and should be.

Heather Minkkinen