Letters to the Editor

Not brainwashed

Following a day of a massive local protest against the ongoing violent mistake that is being perpetuated against other people in the Middle East, you devoted a copious amount of space and ink to profile those who are the primary promoters of the military grist mill that needlessly grinds up American and Iraqi lives and fortunes in the name of "My country right or wrong," with emphasis on the "My."

Isn't it ironic that they rail against the "liberal media" that give them top billing for their lock-step opinions? This is the same liberal media that purged Dan Rather from CBS and Bill Moyers from PBS. This is the same liberal media that fills opinion pages with the bombastic broadsides of Mona Charen, Victor Davis Hanson, et al.

I did not decide at the drop of a hat that war was not a good idea simply because (as they allege) I was brainwashed by a mythical liberal media. I form my opinions because I can discern on my own that George W. Bush and his immoral war are not synonymous with the America I want to make a more perfect place.

Berl Jay Hubbell