Letters to the Editor

Academic 'afterthought'

Once again California State University, Fresno, has opted to stomp all over local Clovis/Fresno interests by driving ahead with Campus Pointe.

The university should stick to those things that it does so well, such as chopping down mature eucalyptus trees; ticketing non-campus cars parked in their lots without their permission; providing free sky-box seats at Save Mart Center for local VIPs and other favored folks; selling naming rights to their arenas, buildings and stadium; selling tickets to whatever the locals will buy; providing honoraria to those folks with whom they wish to schmooze; providing safe, generous, employment to themselves and their professors emeritus.

I suppose they should also provide an upper-level education to our children, but that seems to be an afterthought for the universities these days, and it probably interferes with all their "selling" activities.

Lou Catallo