Letters to the Editor

Vanished trust

We are outraged that it took Menu Foods nearly a month after testing its own product to inform the public of the pet food recall [story march 20]. This test of their own food, given to cats and dogs, resulted in a 14% death rate. It's an incredible breach of faith that they produced such a toxic substance, sold it as pet food, then took so long to tell their customers that their product was deadly.

Four out of five of our dogs got extremely ill, with one having to be put to sleep. They had been fed Authority brand chicken and rice for years, but when they got sick we changed to Nutro Natural Choice. We had no idea that both brands were the same tainted product -- and we kept feeding it to them long after the company knew there was a serious problem with it. Why wouldn't they tell us?

We are boycotting all commercial dog foods, and are using Dr. Michael W. Fox's recipe for homemade organic pet food. We invite everyone to join us. How can we trust the pet food industry after this atrocity?

Suzie Counsilman

Len Wilcox