Letters to the Editor

Messing with time

So, that silly Daylight Savings Time is pushed on people again, this year three weeks earlier than last year.

Then we immediately got a week of record or near-record high temperatures. Could Daylight Savings Time be a cause of global warming? After all, there is an extra hour of sunlight per day, right?

It is sad that people have to fool themselves to get up an hour earlier. Yes, Ben Franklin is credited with the idea, and he was brilliant. But he also wanted to have the turkey as our national symbol. At least a turkey of an idea was adopted.

Back to the weather. I agree with storm chasers and other meteorologists that we will get some severe weather this spring. The thunderstorms should get cooking about April Fool's Day, which should still be under Standard Time, to which my timepieces are always set.

Nature gives us a version of Daylight Savings Time naturally, lengthening the duration of sunlight per day with the spring and summer seasons. The artificial adjustment of the time might just bring us storm chasers our dreams of severe weather soon, because "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."

Leave the clocks alone!

Gary Giusti