Letters to the Editor

Test middle schools, too

The California high school exit exam has perked up the ears of many a high school student who is not comfortable with the sound of "Certificate of Completion" they would receive as a substitute for a genuine high school diploma if they don't pass both exit exam sections before their graduation dates.

The math portion of this state-administered exam has 92 multiple-choice questions, 12 of which are not scored (those problems being tested for use in future exams). The students need only get 44 correct answers of the 80 math problems that are scored, thus only 55% to pass. The English portion, as well as the math test, are important to both the students and their schools to demonstrate that state standards are being taught and learned.

I hope, in the future, there will be an equivalent test to allow students to exit middle school, demonstrating their readiness for high school studies.

Jim Barr