Letters to the Editor

Hardly 'dirty'

Surely Calwa teacher Felipe Lemus was misquoted (story March 15). In reference to the lamented resignation of Calwa Elementary School principal Teresa Busch, he said, "Not everyone is willing to work with parents. She doesn't mind getting dirty."

As an elementary school educator, I realize that parents are my students' first teachers and, as such, deserve respect for their insights and experiences. Kids' success in school depends on many factors; active, positive parent involvement is one of the most crucial.

At our school, teachers and administrators alike are challenged to provide worthwhile, informative and interesting activities for our parents at a time convenient to all parties. (Indeed, Title I legislation funds such activities, the nature of which is determined by each school.)

We do not always come to consensus with parents on what is best academically for our students -- their children -- but describing the important work we do with and for our parents as "getting dirty" is neither accurate nor respectful. I am sure Ms. Busch herself would not have classified her efforts to encourage parent participation at Calwa as "dirty" work.

Linda Medel