Letters to the Editor

Close Guantánamo

The article March 18 regarding Guantánamo detainees being freed in their home countries is long overdue.

Guantánamo is a prison located in Cuba. The prison is viewed by many other countries as a way for the United States to hold prisoners for an indefinite period of time. As a result, many around the world feel the human rights of the detainees are being violated. The United States should return the detainees back to their own country's jurisdiction.

Some representatives in the U.S. government want the prison in Cuba closed. This is long overdue and would please the human rights activists. Keeping prisoners locked up for an extensive period of time is a cruel punishment. If a crime has been committed by one of these detainees then they should be sent back to their home country where it can be dealt with by their peers. It is not the United States' responsibility what happens after that.

The cost of keeping these prisoners has to be incredibly high. Shutting down the prison is the most rational thing to do. The scar left on our country should be healed now. Closing the facility can only begin the healing process.

Alfred Rangel