Letters to the Editor

A billion-dollar campaign? Save your money

So, candidates vying to win the national election may spend a combined $1 billion [story March 15]. Well, if they are doing that for my vote, I say, "Don't bother."

I own a TV, radio, computer and subscribe to a newspaper and some periodicals. I listen to and watch the things candidates say and do on a regular basis rather than pay serious attention to orchestrated sound bites and photo ops.

They don't have to shake my hand, because they won't remember me anyway. I won't pay more than a few dollars to eat dinner with them or for them.

So, I would tell them, "Save your money and I will save mine." But maybe there are more ulterior motives to wanting to win an election at such cost than just serving one's country. In that case, I can see why it would probably be worth it for candidates to cost voters 1 billion donated bucks.

Dolores Armo