Letters to the Editor

Don't blame the people

Let's just stop blaming all the people in the Valley for bad air when the true culprits are city governments and planning commissions. Stop the building. We are growing by leaps and bounds, which would be OK if residents could actually afford to buy the houses being built and if we didn't have this air-quality problem.

We will not be able to meet air standards like this. You have to figure that for every new home built, trees that promote good air are being taken out. Also, there are two to four cars per new home -- more, perhaps, for families with teen drivers. This means more pollution, more lawnmowers going and all the road construction to accommodate the building polluting our air.

My daughter has developed asthma because of our air quality. Builders really need to go into the inner city and help people fix up older neighborhoods, offering help or loans that they could actually pay back. It does no good to revitalize downtown when the city around it is falling in disrepair.

Please just stop all the new building and start rebuilding what we already have. Just think about our children and grandchildren being able to breathe.

Jackie Krage