Letters to the Editor

Message of prevention

After reading the article March 17, "Program helps new mothers" by Vanessa Colón, I was delighted to feel that expecting mothers are able to gain knowledge about pregnancy and as a result be awarded with supplies that they need.

With the rising problem of prenatal and post-natal care today, I was delighted to read about more prevention programs that will lower the risk of infant mortality in our community today -- a sign of encouragement for mothers to gain more education about their pregnancies and how important this care is. This is greatly appreciated to helping the rural and urban areas of the community.

I'm a Fresno State student majoring in health science in community health. This is an example of my textbooks developing into programs and interventions. I was excited after I had read the article. Community intervention programs are a wonderful way to integrate important messages of prevention of the onset of diseases and health complications. In return, we will prosper with more healthful and longer lives.

Kennedy K. Vu