Letters to the Editor

'Lies and propaganda'

Your front page article stating that the Iraq war is cheap by certain standards sure made me feel better about this horrible war. I wonder if it gave comfort to all those Americans who have experienced the ultimate sacrifice.

Now we can add to all of the administration lies and propaganda this new justification the money changers have dreamed up for continuing with this unjust, immoral, irrational, stupid waste of mankind and resources.

What's a trillion or more dollars for a super-wealthy, prosperous nation to spend to continue our foreign policy of weakening the indigenous people of the Middle East to protect Israel from potential harm and insure that the oil stays in the hands of only friendly nations?

Columnist Marlin Dick said it perfectly when he suggested that if we had put pressure on Israel to make peace by complying with UN resolutions, responding positively to Arab peace initiatives and never allowed Israel to have nuclear bomb capability maybe we would not be in this escalating disastrous mess. A trillion dollars spent at home on peaceful endeavors would go a long way toward making us truly the prosperous nation the money changers want us to believe we are.

David L. Drown