Letters to the Editor

'Test-driven negligence'

With lawmakers working on reforming education, I think it is time to send a message that we, as parents, are tired of our children being treated like nothing more than a test score.

The overemphasis on test scores is turning our schools into test preparation centers. Schools are giving our children a pile of disconnected facts using materials that look like the state test, as opposed to an activity designed to encourage real thinking.

As the testing dates approach, many teachers use valuable classroom time teaching the students "test-taking skills" with test questions that have been released from the state. When schools make decisions about our children, they think of them in terms of how they have and will perform on the state test. They have converted our kids into scores.

As parents, we have the right to exclude our children from these tests. It takes only a trip to the school office and a few minutes to fill out a waiver; a waiver that is legally required to be made available for parents. I urge others to do as I have done and let lawmakers know we will no longer support test-driven intellectual negligence.

Darrell Blanks