Letters to the Editor

Connect ourselves

It is time for Caltrans, our highway people, to be transportation people. The foothill highway plan, Freeway 65, is a great one, but where is the inclusion of a rail line along with the highway? It is time for a rail system that belongs to the public, just like our highways.

Why can't we get a direct train ride to Los Angeles? Why can't we have a trolley system like the one in San Diego? In Clovis, you can't get a direct bus to the Fresno Airport, downtown Fresno or West Fresno. The Valley has lots of people who live in poverty, many in the Exeter, Porterville and Orange Cove areas. We must do what we can to connect folks for the sake of "quality of life" issues.

Perhaps more public transportation can encourage more young folks in rural areas to attend Fresno colleges and to work here. It is time for the Valley to connect itself and learn the diversity, and one way is connecting itself with more highways and more public transportation.

Steven Trevino Jr.