Letters to the Editor

Going first class

The recent choice of a new chancellor at the University of California, Merced makes clear once again the different standards for the two public university systems in California.

UC branches always choose as chancellor someone with a strong academic degree and years of teaching experience.

California State University branches, on the other hand, choose persons with degrees in "administration" or some such non-academic field, and with no teaching experience. California State University, Fresno President John Welty is typical.

Why? UC has for years been considered first-class, educating professionals, giving a quality academic education. CSU has always gotten second billing. It is looked down upon and considered by many to give primarily job training.

This discrimination is unfortunate. Fresno State has many fine faculty and excellent students. It needs a strong president who could, by example, set a high standard. It needs a president who faculty, students and the community can respect for more than an ability to raise money.

Fresno State will never reach its potential as long as we have the caliber of president we currently have.

Joy Chittick