Letters to the Editor

'Acting like a man'

To the question "What went wrong?" in the lives of Robert Quiroz, 21, and his young family [story March 18], an answer may be too much too soon. Teenage romance, early marriage, military service in the Middle East, one child, another soon after, the mother's death at 20, the infant's broken arm followed by his death, a murder charge against the young father.

This is the life of a man-child bringing children into the world. We all will pay to help raise the remaining child, and perhaps to imprison her father. He very likely is a fine person who simply did not understand the consequences of acting like a man.

There are many Roberts unprepared for having and raising children, fortune's hostages. It seems sensible to take every measure to impress on such young men the need to delay having children until the time is right.

That time is when you can back up acting like a man by being one.

Tom Moradian