Letters to the Editor

'Not my morality'

It's a sad day when a high-ranking military officer (Gen. Peter Pace) would use his position to foist his personal beliefs onto the American people. I believe many of us have forgotten a major tenet this country was founded upon: the separation of church and state.

Mr. Pace's morality is not my morality -- it's not the law. We are guaranteed certain rights to pursue our individual happiness, which includes the freedom to partner with whom we choose.

Homosexuality is not a crime -- is not punishable.

Rather than exacerbating the homophobic attitude, we should be applauding enthusiastically every single qualified man and woman who is still willing to serve in the military service.

Religious belief, political preference and gender choice -- freedom to choose granted to each one of us.

When will we stop excluding, dividing and separating those who are different? Until we are able to accept all nationalities, religions and genders, we will not see the end of war.

Alice J. Pierson-Knapp