Letters to the Editor

'Certain compassion'

It has taken continuity, growth, innovation, research and technology at the Veterans Affairs Central California Healthcare System, Fresno to really help the staff doctors, nurses, employees and volunteers coordinate their efforts toward patient care.

Since all cases differ, in the emergency room and intensive care unit, with rapid intervention by knowledgeable professional staff doctors, nurses and employees, the chances are better for a quicker recovery.

There is a calm atmosphere throughout the veterans hospital with the intense feeling of God's presence.

The infrastructure of the University of California, San Francisco Medical School and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in concert brought about a teaching hospital for hundreds of young student nurses from high schools, colleges and universities around the Valley in classes conducted on the VA hospital campus every week.

As a combat veteran who has spent decades volunteering, there is a certain compassion among veteran patients that is signified by a nod or thumbs up.

The sign above the entrance says, "The Price Of Freedom Is Visible Here." And "God Bless America." God help our troops.

Floyd Takeuchi