Letters to the Editor

State Center excels

Chancellor Tom Crow and his crew gave a most interesting tour of the State Center Community College District. The event was diversely attended. It was a wonderful surprise for many of us who had no idea how uniquely advanced State Center's technical and craftsman programs are.

There are many opportunities for our community to train people in high-tech and very well-equipped shops and labs. And the instructors were over the top with enthusiasm. It is fun when you are on the cutting edge. For those who know of CART, well, this is CART on steroids for the tradesman.

From logistics, reverse design and engineering, air conditioning, automotive repair, forestry, nursing, diesel repair, firefighting, criminology, warehousing management, building automation, tig and mig welding, and airplane mechanics to certified building inspectors, State Center is a jewel in the education field. And it is here in the Valley. We are very fortunate to have a community college system that is easily accessible and is so technically advanced in so many trade and craftsman areas.

The Valley is on the move with educational opportunities in a labor-rich market. Watch out, San Jose!

Tom Krazan