Letters to the Editor

Making things worse

The importance of the mining project on Jesse Morrow Mountain falls upon medical and teaching professionals. They will have to deal with all the problems of children who will develop more asthma and other related diseases from breathing the polluted air we will have if the mining project is approved. The Cemex company will be blasting daily, with particulates floating in the already bad air we breathe.

The "Friends of Jesse Morrow Mountain" need the professionals to do some research on this to realize what is at stake here. We ask them to go to our Web site www.jessemorrowmountain.org and begin to ask questions and do their own research. We have a film presentation we can show at any meetings.

They may contact me at 638-2771 in Reedley, or Dr. Gene and Debbie Otto at 787-2335.

Georgia Linscheid