Letters to the Editor

P.E. will help students

I fully support mandating physical education for all four years of high school. Although many students are involved in after-school sports or other activities, this gives an opportunity to target those students who are not so active.

Physical activity is highly beneficial to everyone's health and well-being, especially children. Based on the current obesity statistics, I can't see why P.E. is not already a priority and mandatory for all four years. I don't think Sen. Dean Florez's bill impedes or hurts students, and in fact will actually help them.

It has been shown that children who are more active and healthy are more likely to attend school and be more prepared and motivated to learn. In addition, P.E. helps develop fundamental and motor skills and improves self-confidence, self-esteem and self-control. I agree with Sen. Florez and think he is headed in the right direction.

Linda Terry