Letters to the Editor

Wise use of taxes?

The Old Administration Building at Fresno City College, a landmark of Fresno, a staple of the community, the single fiber binding the fabric of Fresno -- and condemned building for 20 years. Now $44 million in Measure E funds is earmarked to restore this desolate building.

As a taxpayer and student, I wonder if my money is benefiting students. The new downtown IRS building on Broadway? Know of it? It's about eight or nine stories high, 178,000 square feet with an 800-space parking garage. At $35 million, it cost $9 million less than the OAB's projected cost. Priorities seem clear: Those with staff parking stalls and administration with named parking spaces give priority to the fabric of Fresno.

Perhaps priorities of students should take over. While we hold our breath for that to happen, let us lift high our bottle of Pepsi to the student leaders who fight daily for our rights, and let us feel free to donate yet another dollar, for the good ol' OAB, cause baby, we've got a long way to go before it's fully funded.

Brandon Lynch