Letters to the Editor

Praise garbage raiders

A big "thumbs up" to those innovative and resourceful individuals who precede the cleanup crew, snatching up what would otherwise be used to add to our landfills. Their recycling efforts don't go unnoticed. OK, so maybe recycling isn't their main concern, but kudos to them nonetheless!

A big "raspberry" to those people who are so worried about their "stuff" being taken from the curb before Operation Cleanup comes around. Shame on them for frowning upon those who are less fortunate than they are. They should realize how blessed they are that what they consider trash is another man's treasure.

People should applaud the efforts of those who come around to pick up and rebuild their rubbish. These are the people who are attempting to make an honest living in a time of financial burden. The next time you see someone raiding your scrap heap, lighten up and rejoice with them as they glean the gutters!

Kevin J. Pranger