Letters to the Editor

Not so frivolous

In response to the eloquently naive "Rate hike perspective" [letter March 12], I wonder from what source such a viewpoint could possibly derive. Though the author of the letter and his cohorts may spend their extra portion of income on the frivolous additions to life, many Fresno citizens are barely stretching that extra $10 or $15 over their grocery, and children's school clothes budgets, and may have never even heard of a caramel macchiato.

True, were utility rates to increase, some of the more privileged residents of Fresno might suffer a loss of Cheetos, or a viewing of Blockbuster's latest release. However, the extra $10 or $15 added to the plethora of inconvenient budget wreckers that exist in most of our the lives contributes to the inability for some families to afford working household appliances, or for their kids to engage in normal childhood activities.

However lightheartedly some people spend money, the implication that all of us do so is a fallacy that could possibly be remedied were opinionated snobs to look beyond the ends of their noses.

Alenya Reeves