Letters to the Editor

It starts at home

As the president gave a message of hope and prosperity in Merida, Mexico, he guaranteed the people of Mexico that he will do everything in his power to see to it. I wondered, where is that message for the millions of unemployed and those struggling to make ends meet while living under the poverty level here in America?

As he outsources the jobs that keep our middle class alive and he contributes to the now swelling poverty level, he promises to keep the people of Mexico working.

Why does he promise the citizens of Mexico so much yet threaten to stop the collective bargaining power of Americans who are trying to keep what they have worked so hard for?

Why does he promise so much and make guarantees to the people of another country while his own country languishes and slowly dies from economic starvation and the yoke of an $8 trillion debt?

Perhaps he should resign and become the co-president of Mexico. Apparently that's where his loyalties lie.

God bless America, because the president doesn't have much interest in seeing to her well being!

Georgia L. Dickerman