Letters to the Editor

Time change leaves some readers suspicious

No energy savings

Now that we have entered daylight savings time three weeks early, I have some thoughts on the matter. The Bee reported that the federal government expanded daylight savings time by one month this year in order to save energy. I fail to see the wisdom in that. In fact, in our case, we will not be saving energy by extending daylight savings time.

We have our thermostat set to turn our furnace on at 6 a.m. Now that 6 a.m. comes an hour earlier, we will be having our heat on for an extra hour each day. That will use more energy, not less. Multiply that extra hour of use by all the millions of people using their furnaces, and you will get a huge increase in the use of electricity and whatever fuel is used for each furnace.

Are you sure the expansion of daylight savings time is not the brainchild of the energy lobbyists, as a way for them to get their hands in our pockets?

Loran Hugh Parker