Letters to the Editor

'All about capitalism'

I'd like to correct Rick Hodgson's laughable assertions in his letter [March 9] concerning KFPT. Having spent the past 25 years in Fresno-area radio, I can assure him that the notion that advertisers were "scared off" from buying time on KFPT is absurd.

Most businesses who advertise on radio now go through agencies, and those agencies are concerned with one thing and one thing only: ratings numbers. They buy time on stations based on the ratings that station has for the specific demographic they want to target. That's it -- end of story.

If KFPT struggled for advertising revenue it was because not enough people were listening. Air America's shady financial shuffling and financial bailouts are proof that it has not found a consistent audience and therefore cannot sustain consistent advertising revenues. It's all about capitalism.

Larry Ham