Letters to the Editor

It works elsewhere

Michael Cruz deserves a thoughtful response to his complaint about SB 750 (Florez), which would require four years of high school physical education. Having just returned from the P.E conference in Naperville, Ill., I would like to contrast Naperville and Fresno.

Both Illinois and California have four-year P.E. requirements. California permits exemptions up to two years, Illinois does not.

Naperville's program is a cardio-vascular/lifetime fitness activity-based curriculum. Here are some relevant facts:

The Naperville medical community is enthusiastically outspoken in support of the P.E. program. Perhaps the doctors understand health care better than most.

Overweight/obesity rates: Fresno, 35%, Naperville, 3%.

All students, including athletes, take four years of regular P.E. and Naperville continues to run a well-rounded and highly competitive athletic program.

Counselors at Naperville encourage students to take their most challenging academic class immediately following P.E. because it sends kids to class with a brain flushed with blood, oxygen and glucose, and are ready, able and willing learners.

More than 80% of the graduating seniors in Naperville go on to four-year colleges and universities, so four years of P.E. requirement is not an impediment to college admittance.

It works in Naperville, why not in Fresno?

Joe Herzog


The Fresno Alliance for Physical Education and Athletics