Letters to the Editor

'Beat this disease'

We cannot thank The Bee enough for the timely and well-written story [March 10] about "our" boy, Hudson Rutherford. As you can tell by your well-written story by Farin Montañez, we are determined to do everything within our power to see that he and his family have everything they need in order to beat this disease.

We at Primerica, as well as others who are fighting for him with us, believe that through our love for Hudson and his family, our passion to put our words into action, and our faith in God's power through our consistent prayers, that we will continue to see miracle after miracle in his life on a daily basis.

Many have already been touched by this beautiful, precocious little boy and this is just the beginning of his story. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers now that you are aware of his story and would ask that you join us as we support them in any way you can.

Bonnie Masten