Letters to the Editor

The need for unions

In regard to the March 4 commentaries in the Vision section asking the question: Should unions be stronger? My answer is definitely "yes."

I have been a union member since 1952, when unions were still strong. Through the years I have seen them get weaker, smaller and lose membership. Unions have not been able to defend their members like they used to because laws keep coming up that favor the employers, which prohibits the union from protecting its members the way they used to.

If you read the history of how unions started, you will understand why unions were needed and people organized them. Employers were brutal and unjust to their workers who had no one to turn to when fired or mistreated.

I give all the credit to my union for getting me fair wages, fair fringe benefits and good working conditions, which enabled my family to live in comfort. My wife and I have been retired more than 10 years and are enjoying both of our union pensions and benefits.

Nowadays if a working man is being treated decently by an employer with decent wages, fringe benefits and good working conditions, you don't need a union.

Paul Belluomini