Letters to the Editor

'Breaking the law'

I read with interest an article March 7 about the American Civil Liberties Union's lawsuit. Well, just maybe the ACLU and all the immigration advocates are correct.

Let's close the T. Don Hutto Facility in Taylor, Texas. These immigrant families held there are complaining about weight loss, sub-par schooling, long waits for medical care and threats of separating children from parents.

There are a few possible solutions. Let the ACLU set these families in all the fancy hotels in Las Vegas while they pick up the tab. Or send them back to their country of milk and honey if they are so unhappy with the U.S.

Why not speak up for our American soldiers who are being killed, injured and all the horrible conditions our veterans are living in? These soldiers are losing their lives so the ACLU and advocates can speak up and defend immigrants from other countries here breaking the law. I am a proud American veteran who served from 1963-1966 in the U.S. Army.

Rudy Castillo Jr.