Letters to the Editor

Student's 'offensive language' stirs responses

Offend all groups'

Since we are bringing up the topic of punishing people for their use of words as slang, we must be mindful to watch the use of slang that could possibly offend all groups. With that in mind, commonly used terms like "so lame," "so dumb," "so retarded," "so blonde," "so ghetto" and "so ridiculous," among many others must be removed from society's vocabulary.

That seems logical and fair, because there is a group of those who cannot walk and the word "lame" is medically associated with that group. There are those who were at one time referred to as being "dumb" because they could not hear. There is also a group of people with developmental delays with which medically the word "retarded" is used. There are plenty of blondes who are not unintelligent, there are those who live in areas publicly referred to as a ghetto and there is a group of ridiculous people. Indeed, consistency is best for all.

Yvette Boden