Letters to the Editor

Watch for wolves

The sheep bring another one of the wolves to justice and find him guilty of four out of five crimes. Of course, the sheep know that the top wolves are responsible, but cannot enlist help from the pack of wolves now protecting their criminal agenda.

The Wolf-in-Chief goes back on his word, which we sheep knew was no good in the first place. Big Wolf may even pardon his fellow wolf-in-training for eating the sheep. After all, the wolf's nature is the same as the wolf in sheep's clothing spoken of in the Good Book.

It's a very, very old story. The wolves are guarding the sheep and they will be back for more. Maybe the good shepherd will be ready with his varmint-trap next time and hang the varmint's skin up to spook the other varmints away from the good sheep. What must happen for a nation of sheep to remedy treason, high crimes and 600 billion misdemeanors?

Jim Tharp