Letters to the Editor

'Process of healing'

An apology is a process of healing, especially for Virginia while celebrating its 400-year anniversary. "Nobody now living was involved in slavery" is an ignorant statement. The effects of slavery are still living.

Real Americans appreciate American history and those who shed blood contributing to this nation. History has built wealth, and our Constitution has protected this great nation and its wealth.

Americans should know their history. Know of the indentured servants who came to America from the English society, the African explorers arriving in Hispaniola with Christopher Columbus in 1494. Know that all the slaves in America were not black, some slaves were white. Know that African slaves came from the western nations of Africa. Somalia is on the far east side of Africa. The nations of Africa are not pathetic, I know them as places of great resources such as oil, diamonds and science.

In the 1600s we could add servants to that list. I would reserve the word pathetic, sick or inhumane for the rape of young boys and girls as young as 5 and 6 during slavery.

Shedrick Mills