Letters to the Editor

Matter of taste

In his letter, "No apology needed" (March 5), Bart Terrell states: "That was then and this is now, and no African American behind the wheel of his Lexus anywhere in this country has an apology coming." This he wrote concerning America's inexplicable need for psychiatric soul cleansing.

Mr. Terrell thinks no apology need be given to the African Americans who own Lexus automobiles. What about the African Americans who sit behind the wheels of Fords, Chevrolets or Nissans? Should an apology on their behalf be forthcoming?

Although an apology may not be needed, an explanation of how such a shortsighted conclusion was processed seems reasonable. Like all other ethnic groups, African Americans select their automobiles from a diverse group of available units according to personal taste and financial ability. Not every African American drives a Lexus automobile. Not every African American desires to own a Lexus automobile. Some would rather own and drive a Mercedes Benz, Cadillac or Lincoln Town Car.

Chester Riggins Sr.