Letters to the Editor

'Keep off the grass'

How can our city fathers seriously support a restaurant in the last big park in Fresno? Our neighborhoods are sadly lacking parks, open green spaces, large or small. A restaurant and parking lot will pave over precious acres at Woodward Park.

I suggest the City Council and mayor visit Woodward Park (or any Fresno park) on Easter Sunday and then look for an open place to stand, sit or play. At that moment, the mayor can decide which 200 families to evict for a 200-car parking lot -- and then choose an additional 100 families to make room for a 10,000-square-foot restaurant.

On Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, our city parks are overcrowded. Must we add a restaurant business to the day camps, marathons, bikes, volleyball games, walkers, boxcarts, picnics, concerts and plays?

Fresno needs a dozen more parks, but not one more restaurant! Our limited green spaces are to serve Fresno citizens and their families -- not a corporate chain based in Miami. Tell Benihana to "Keep off the grass." Let the mayor insist Benihana find a site downtown.

Mary Johnson