Letters to the Editor

'What about real people?'

Isn't it great to know that while we're out working to support our families and paying for all those new taxes, you can always count on our Fresno City Council to be looking ahead to the future? The council has approved utility rate increases all the way through to 2010.

Last fall, our council members gave themselves a $20,000 a year raise. Once again, looking to their future. I'm sure they wanted to be sure that they could pay for all of those increases.

Council Member Brian Calhoun stated, "The people need to swallow their medicine." I'm sure Mr. Calhoun's $20,000 raise makes it a lot easier for him to swallow. But what about the real people of Fresno, the people who don't have the luxury of voting themselves a $20,000 raise?

John Loughney