Letters to the Editor

Needless slaughter

Your editorial on California's healthy pet act is the product of ignorance or motivated by financial gain from the thousands of classified ads paid for by back-yard breeders.

There will never be a shortage of mixed breed dogs, even with spay/neuter legislation. Sixty-five thousand pets were slaughtered last year in the Valley, more than 500,000 in California. It will take years to end the mass destruction of pets. This legislation is not a "bone" for the breeding industry; breeders oppose it because they do not want to pay the proposed fees. Animal control agencies favor it because fees generated will fund spay/neuter costs and enforcement.

Currently we waste millions of taxpayer dollars on sheltering and euthanasia. Preventing over-breeding will drastically reduce these costs. This legislation addresses the horror of what irresponsible owners have forced animal control agencies to deal -- needlessly slaughtering puppies, kittens and healthy pets. Take a look at your beloved "Fido," now ponder the fact that 300 just like him were killed today in this Valley. Maybe your staff should take a field trip to the "kill room" at the local SPCA for a real education. Support AB 1634 to end this moral crisis.

Kathy Marousek

Board Member, H.O.P.E.