Letters to the Editor

'Worth learning'

A recent letter regarding my proposal to require four years of high school physical education is chock full of the same defeatist attitude that is contributing to the state's obesity problem. The basis of the writer's argument is: Why should we even try to address obesity through exercise, since nothing is going to change?

The overriding argument in favor of high school P.E. is that daily exercise is an important part of a well-balanced lifestyle. While schools may need to bolster P.E. classes to increase student interest, I'm not ready to write off the current generation's health so easily.

Isn't it odd that even the most hardened criminals in the state's most-secured prisons are provided with a minimum of one hour of daily exercise? Does the prison system know something that our high schools don't?

I think that you can come up with any number of reasons why you shouldn't have to exercise. But making daily exercise a part of your life is a learned behavior. Given the state's obesity problem, it is something worth learning over four years of high school.

Sen. Dean Florez

16th District