Letters to the Editor

Effort to dishonor

On the surface, there is no question that the United States is the premier country fighting for democracy around the globe. On the contrary, the United States is not.

In the article Feb. 6, "Hmong fight for green cards," the U.S. government labeled and classified some Hmong as a terrorist group. This Hmong group has fought for their freedom, seeking to defend and preserve democracy in Laos since the secret war. Shame on the U.S. government and its effort to disrespect, dishonor and not recognize this group and the thousands of lives that have been lost by democratic fighters after the U.S. pulled out of Indochina. Instead, the U.S. is embracing communist Laos.

For now, at least we all know the U.S. government's characteristics of practicing and reinforcing communism in America.

Garyieng Cha