Letters to the Editor

'Protect this country'

Regarding "U.S. not ready for doomsday, experts warn," what has happened to the $300 billion? More than five years since 9/11 this is shocking. Col. Jill Morgenthaler [story March 4] says there is a disconnect between President Bush's and Vice President Dick Cheney's talk and the administration's actions. They have had nearly six years to fix homeland security. Instead the money went to their personal pet projects.

A nuclear threat is one thing, but what about building better preparedness measures for any disaster? Even after the Hurricane Katrina mess, there is no national emergency plan; no good use of the latest technology. No one should have died in the recent huge tornado. We have the technology and the money.

The whole article was astonishingly shocking, especially the ending: The only choice for most people would be to flee.

Please contact our elected representatives in Congress, and tell them to put some oversight on this incompetent administration to protect this country.

Kathy Eisele