Letters to the Editor

'Cast on the heap'

The March 4 Vision column by Edward Humes denouncing intelligent design concludes with "the one thing the prophets of talk-radio evolution have, it seems, is the loudest megaphone." Let us recognize that this statement is flatly false, since such talk-radio evolutionism is overwhelmed by the millions of dollars spent teaching the establishment version of evolution in the nation's schools and colleges, then further overwhelmed by other organizations promoting it, including The Bee.

Evolution is a weak, poorly supported theory in denial of the infinitesimal probabilities of the occurrence of the many unlikely events it requires.

The major reason that evolution has not been cast on the heap of superseded ideas along with its companion 19th century theories, Freudianism and Marxism, is lack of a consensus among believers in God on an alternative theory. While young-earth and old-earth creationists oppose each other, evolutionists take the day.

When progressive creationism is more generally understood, then evolution by natural selection as an explanation of the origin of all the wondrous living things will be regarded as a belief of eccentrics who twist the principles of probability so as to enable them to write God out of their universe.

Ronald J. Martin