Letters to the Editor

'The whole story'

Thank you for following the firing of the U.S. prosecutors by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (March 6). It appears time to go beyond the official spokesperson statements and provide us with the full story.

We know the fired prosecutor in San Diego was prosecuting the disgraced Republican congressman there. We know that the fired New Mexico prosecutor refused to rush indictments forward to be used in the November election. We know that the replacement prosecutors all have "close ties to Bush" and were appointed by Gonzales without confirmation hearings under the "Patriot Act" (Jan. 27).

Please tell us the whole story of what each of the eight prosecutors was working on prior to being terminated, the background information on each.

Perhaps the members of the Bush administration want to make certain as they leave office that they have not only handpicked and packed the Supreme Court, but that as many federal prosecutors as possible are in their pocket to reduce the likelihood of pesky indictments and embarrassing testimony after President Bush leaves office. Thank you for your efforts to keep journalism and a free press present in our country!

Peter Leinau