Letters to the Editor

Pelco's contributions

Well, there they go again! David McDonald and his Pelco people doing another wondrous philanthropic deed. When a local war hero lost both his legs fighting for his country, they raised almost $70,000 to send his sweetheart to be by his side during his time of crisis. Not only that, but the money also allows this handsome couple to be married in style at a later date.

As if it wasn't enough that Mr. McDonald and his Pelco people donate countless thousands of boxes of gifts to poor people every Christmas. And how about the time Mr. McDonald spent many thousands of dollars bringing the 9/11 firefighter heroes here to be honored at Pelco?

Where does Mr. McDonald find these employees who are willing to give up vacation days to help a war hero in his time of dire need?

Next time an outsider bad-mouths our Fresno-Clovis area and spouts the merits of his city, you can bring a victorious end to the debate by stating, "Yeah, but you ain't got no Pelco people!"

Ed Loeb Sr.