Letters to the Editor

'Garbage journalism'

Regarding Michelle Malkin's shallow op-ed attempt Feb. 28 to blister the left, especially Hillary Clinton, for criticizing President Bush's ill-equipped army in Iraq: One wonders how, if all she says is true, does she account for the reality of the "logistics," using her rhetoric, of crippled soldiers.

If this armor were so great in protecting our soldiers, I would hate to imagine if they were ill-equipped. Veterans like me know this self-centered, spoiled, selfish commentator knows nothing about combat. Knows nothing about sacrifice. If she did, she would be in Iraq.

She's just another armchair lunatic right-wing talking head blabbering to satisfy a gigantic ego, too cowardly to volunteer and lucky they don't draft women -- if there were a draft. She's just part of the Cheney-Bush, draft-dodging lot, which encompasses most of the children of congressmen who cheer on the military and talk tanks and armor but hire mercenaries to do the dirty work.

Ms. Malkin is pompously retrogressive. It's a shame The Bee caters to this sort of garbage journalism.

Jess "Consafos" Sanchez Barroso