Letters to the Editor

'Wrong, wrong, wrong'

Referring to comments regarding forced annexation to county island residents: Fresno City Council Member Jerry Duncan is wrong, wrong, wrong. After Proposition 13, there is no double overlay of property taxes.

This second overlay of government is not needed. We have always preferred the Sheriff's Department for protection. The most important issue: We drink clean water, unpolluted by chlorine. We have the alleged benefits of the sewer, forced on us by the Board of Supervisors sitting at that time. We fought and won three times. The board overruled us. Seems they put fines on themselves if the sewer district wasn't formed.

We all have issues with these closed-door meetings depriving "we, the people" of our rights to have control over our lives.

I've tried calling Jerry Duncan, left messages on voice mail. To date, no answer. Council members work part-time. Which part of which day during the week?

Mary Lou Devlin

Past president

Citizens Against Annexation